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The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates PC has specialized in the areas of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense, Commercial Litigation and Trusts & Estates for over 18 years. Our attorneys and staff have substantial experience helping families and small businesses overcome financial devastation through Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcies and by restructuring debt. We have helped individuals and businesses lose the debt that’s hindering them without losing their property, their homes and most importantly, their self-respect and dignity.

Don’t lose your home to unscrupulous banks and lenders. Let the Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates go to work for you now before the bank sets a sale date or begins an action to foreclose.

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Bankruptcy Protection with Dignity & Respect

The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates understands that the decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult one. We understand that people want to pay their debts, but not everyone can. Debts that were once manageable may not be manageable now. Therefore, we work with you to understand your financial situation and help guide you every step of the way through the bankruptcy process. We take the time to listen and understand your personal and business financial situation and give you the same advice we give to our own family members. You will be in good hands.


Unmatched Foreclosure Legal Defense

Our foreclosure defense team are experts in fighting banks and securing loan modifications at favorable rates. We have won in State court when others have failed, and can win for you as well under the right circumstances. Our consultations are always free.


Wills, Trusts & Estates to Protect Your Family

Many families discover the unfortunate events that occur when failing to prepare a proper Last Will and Testament. New York State has a plan for your assets, which just might not be what you had in mind. Don’t get caught in this trap. We can inexpensively set your family out of harm’s way with a will, power of attorney and a health care directive that expresses your last wishes and your family member’s needs. We will be your trusted advisers during difficult times.


Commercial Litigation You Can Trust

Many small businesses find themselves being sued by vendors, associates and clients. There are viable defenses to all of these actions. Let the Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates get you out of the mess in an affordable and effective manner. We are available when things go wrong and you need to get paid by a recalcitrant non-payer. Let us go to court for you to resolve these and any other business-related issues.

The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates is uniquely situated to diagnose, counsel and solve the problems of people whose debt has become unmanageable. The founding attorney, Todd Cushner, is a respected New York bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney. He receives continuing referrals from advocacy groups, accountants, attorneys and other professionals. Referring professionals and past clients know that Mr. Cushner has the full scope of knowledge and long-term experience that enables him to provide all his clients with the best possible solutions for difficult situations.

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