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A foreclosure is the process by which the homeowner’s interest in the property is terminated because they failed to make timely mortgage payments. Usually, it’s because they can’t make the payments due to hardships such as unemployment, divorce, death or medical challenges. The bank then applies to the court for a judicial sale and the property is sold to satisfy the loan. It may be possible for you to recapture equity in your home. If your lender violated the law when closing your transaction, you may have the right to rescind the transaction. The Law Offices of Cushner & Associates have a proven track record for successfully fighting foreclosure in the state courts and federal bankruptcy courts. The foreclosure defense attorneys are fully versed in the laws, procedures, and legal actions required in a foreclosure matter. Through the various Federal Loan Modification programs, the Law Offices of Cushner & Associates has helped several individuals retain their homes at affordable rates and terms.

After receiving a Summons and Complaint, a formal answer responding to each allegation in the complaint against you must be filed and notarized. The Law Offices of Cushner & Associates will answer the initial Summons and Complaint in a timely response considering that 30 days from the date of service an answer and/or motion to dismiss is due.

As a foreclosure defense lawyer, Mr. Cushner understands homeowners’ frustrations when being faced with a foreclosure. The firm goes above and beyond the average foreclosure defense firm to investigate and verify the identity of the owner of your mortgage loan. The foreclosure attorneys also verify the accuracy of the bank’s numbers and further investigate the loan transaction history.

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Mr. Cushner fights for your rights and evaluates all mortgage documents for completeness and accuracy. He fights to get you the best loan modification possible and to keep you in your home permanently. Don’t lose your home to unscrupulous banks and mortgage lenders when help is available through Chapter 13. Let us show you how you can keep your home. Contact the Law Offices of Cushner & Associates P.C. at (914) 600-5502.

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