Commercial Litigation

It takes more than aggressive advocacy and trial experience to make a successful commercial litigation attorney. It takes the ability to develop and implement a legal strategy. The litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates have a broad understanding of the judicial system.

Our firm offers the full scope of general commercial services for privately held corporations, partnerships and family businesses. We represent clients in a wide variety of areas, including employment litigation matters, real estate, civil rights and breach of contract claims. Our attorneys actively engage in all phases of ligation, from the pre-filing stage through trial and appeal.

Not every case goes to trial. We are very aware that often the best result is not a trial and are adept at creating preemptive solutions for our clients, such as a settlement.

commercial litigation attorney

Our attorneys’ litigation experience expands even further – drafting dispositive motions, such as motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, as well as pre-and-post trial motions, discovery motions.

Let the attorneys at the Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates fight your litigation battle.

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