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Loan Modifications in New York State – What You Need to Know

When you realize that you are in debt, you may not know what next step to take. That’s where the experts at Todd Cushner & Associates come in. For some, a loan modification may be one of the fastest ways to reduce mounting fees and overall debt and they can work with you and your lender to take action.

Bankruptcy for Small Businesses: Strategies for Financial Recovery

Right now is not an easy time for small businesses to thrive. Lack of dedicated workers, lingering supply chain issues and much more are still affecting how small business owners operate and leaving them to wonder if they can even afford to stay afloat. Some of the most dedicated entrepreneurs are sadly struggling to maintain what took them so long to build and now consider bankruptcy as their only option. Todd Cushner has long been determined to help small businesses to not only survive but thrive. As a bankruptcy attorney, he is committed to preventing these organizations from closing and…

Can I Get a Loan Modification While in Bankruptcy?

The thought of navigating the bankruptcy process can be daunting and very overwhelming, so that’s why it’s crucial to work with the experts at Todd Cushner & Associates. Not only do they offer their exceptional experience, but they also take special care to put you at ease and explain every step of the process along the way.

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