Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

By the end of last year, overall bankruptcy filings rose 16.8%, with business and personal bankruptcies rising for the first time in a decade. However, there are many misconceptions that still prevent many potential applicants from starting the process. This blog will discuss more common myths about bankruptcy to help you better navigate it.  Read More


Filing For Chapter 11 In White Plains

Managing financial difficulties can be overwhelming, especially when your business’s future is uncertain. However, Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows your company to reorganize and restructure its debts, potentially leading to a brighter financial future. Learn more about the advantages of Chapter 11 and when it might be the right time to consider this option.  Read More


Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy

Struggling with credit card debt is more common than you might think, and in some cases, may feel impossible to get out of. If you’re in this situation, bankruptcy can be a tool to help you get your debt under control. Read More


Can I Prevent the Foreclosure of My Home?

Facing foreclosure is an incredibly stressful experience for any homeowner. Thankfully, there are a few key strategies you can follow to prevent this from happening and give you the best chance to keep your home. Read More


Do You Qualify For Bankruptcy?

When most people hear the word bankruptcy, they quickly assume that it pertains to people that have run out of money, simply can’t pay their bills or are drowning in debt and have no chance of recovery. In reality, there are many determining factors that the team at Todd Cushner and Associates use to assist clients who reach out to learn if declaring bankruptcy is the answer for them. Many people come with no prior knowledge of how this process works, or even if they qualify for it. What they do know is that they have reached a point where they have struggled with their finances for years and have decided that they can no longer sustain a life filled with endless doubt and worry.

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Getting Out of Debt Through Loan Modification

Sometimes, as a result of circumstances beyond your control, you could find yourself immersed in debt and have no idea where to begin or how to resolve your situation. Rather than letting your debt continue to spiral, it’s time to consult with Todd Cushner and Associates located in White Plains and surrounding areas.

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What We Can Help You With at Todd Cushner & Associates

Life can quickly pass us by before we realize that our finances are in deep trouble and we haven’t taken the steps to protect our future or our finances. When that worry turns to fear, it’s time to work with attorneys who have our best interests at heart and are truly committed to using their financial and legal knowledge to work towards the best possible outcome.

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The Bankruptcy Process

Declaring bankruptcy is usually the last thing that a person wants to do, but when facing deep debt, it is sometimes the only route left that a person can take. The key factor in determining future financial success is working with a trusted legal expert who can personally guide you each step of the way, which is what The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates do.

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Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts – What Are the Differences?

Many people have questions pertaining to the differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts. This post summarizes their contrasts.

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Estate Planning Essentials: Trusts, Wills, and Probate

Understanding the basics of estate planning is important for securing your financial future. If you’re thinking about starting your own estate, this guide will guide you through the essential components and provide a clear path to protecting your assets.

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