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For over 2 decades, Todd Cushner, Esq. has been practicing law in the area of Bankruptcy in several counties, including Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Kings, and Queens. During which time he has helped countless families overcome massive debt, wage garnishments and foreclosure issues with a passionate and caring attitude. He has helped individuals lose the debt that has been crushing their families and keeping their homes intact utilizing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

As a bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Cushner is a great asset to small businesses in trouble with overwhelming debt. Through the restructuring process of Chapter 11 he has been successful in saving small businesses from going under and ending up in personal financial ruin. It is here that investment properties can be crammed down to their current value and creditors can take much less than what is currently owned while the company stays in business.

Mr. Cushner works around the clock to give clients what they have long waited for, a sense of normalcy and relief in which they know everything will be okay. Mr. Cushner handles all matters in bankruptcy, from the simplest Chapter 7 no-asset case, to an IRS or secured creditor asserting a lien over business assets in a Chapter 11, to the most complex litigation with the largest of banks and creditors in a Chapter 13 case. Mr. Cushner will advocate for you and walk you through the entire bankruptcy process to help you regain control over your financial situation. As a bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Cushner handles matters involving litigation with secured creditors unable to prove their claims, relief from the automatic stay, fraudulent transfer litigation, lien avoidance, and exemption disputes among many other areas of bankruptcy law. Mr. Cushner stands up for his clients’ to solve the issues and achieve a final resolution for them.

Bankruptcy lawyer in White Plains, NY

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Whether Chapter 7, 11 or 13, the Law Offices of Cushner & Associates will make the process easy and painless. The response time to clients’ needs is second to none as no phone call or email goes unanswered by the day it is received. The team is ready to fight to get you the relief you need and so desperately deserve without losing your dignity or yourself respect.

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