What Is a Will?

Most people have a general idea of what a will is; however, properly drafting a will can be a complicated process without legal guidance.

A will is a written declaration of what a person wants done with their property upon death. A person who dies leaving a will is said to die “testate.” The law requires certain formalities for a will to be valid. A valid will can transfer an interest in both personal property (e.g. bank accounts, furniture, stocks, clothing) and real estate. A will allows a person to name a trusted individual to serve as an executor of the estate and guardian over the children. It also can provide protection for family members; for example, trusts for adult incompetent children, or “sprinkling” trusts for minor grandchildren where a trustee has discretion to distribute income according to need.


signing a will with an attorney

Drafting and Filing Your Will

At Todd Cushner & Associates, our estate planning experts will work with you to ensure your will is accurately drafted. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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