Commercial Law: When Business Disputes Escalate, What to Do

It is not uncommon for Westchester County businesses to run into issues that may require legal assistance. While we have a team of experienced trial attorneys, we help our clients resolve these issues outside the courts whenever possible. This post provides information on some of the commercial disputes our law firm handles.

Employment Litigation Matters

Wrongful Termination

Cases where employees allege they were terminated unfairly or violated employment contracts.

Discrimination Claims

Legal actions based on alleged discrimination in the workplace, such as race, gender, age, disability, or other protected characteristics.

Harassment Lawsuits

Cases involving claims of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, hostile work environment, or bullying.

Wage and Hour Disputes

Disputes over unpaid wages, overtime, or violation of labor laws.

Employee Benefits Disputes

Cases involving disputes over employee benefits, pensions, or insurance coverage.

businessman signing a contract
construction hardhat and law book with gavel over blueprints

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Property Disputes

Legal actions related to disputes over property boundaries, easements, or usage rights.

Construction Litigation

Legal actions arising from disputes in construction projects, including defects, delays, or contract disputes.

Real Estate Fraud

Legal actions related to fraudulent activities in real estate transactions, such as misrepresentation or non-disclosure of material facts.

Breach of Contract Claims

Commercial Contract Disputes

Cases involving disputes over contracts between businesses, such as supply agreements or service contracts.

Employment Contract Disputes

Legal actions arising from disagreements over terms and conditions in employment contracts.

Consumer Contract Disputes

Cases where consumers allege breaches of contracts for goods or services.

Partnership Agreement Disputes

Legal actions arising from breaches of contracts between business partners.

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