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Interacting with Creditors After Bankruptcy

If after filing bankruptcy, former creditors contact you, here are some quick tips for dealing with them:

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Pre-Bankruptcy Mistakes

When considering bankruptcy, some people tend to certain things, innocently and intentionally, which may affect their bankruptcy case. These actions may take place even when they have no plans to file for several months. Consulting with a qualified bankruptcy attorney before and during bankruptcy will help ensure that a bankruptcy case proceeds smoothly and will go unchallenged by the trustee and creditors. The following is a short list of some things not to do before filing bankruptcy.

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Restoring Credit After Bankruptcy: Check Credit Reports Regularly for Errors

A 2012 study by the Federal Trade Commission found that one in four consumers identified errors on their credit reports that may have affected their credit scores. Regularly checking credit reports can help consumers discover and dispute any errors that may reduce a score and cause a creditor to deny an application for credit.

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Preparing for Bankruptcy

When preparing for bankruptcy, there are many different considerations. Once the petition is filed, notice of the bankruptcy filing will be sent to all the creditors listed on the debtor’s master mailing list. With the automatic stay in effect, once the notice of the filing is received about a week later, certain creditors will react in certain ways, and not always as they should or as expected.

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The History of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy pre-dates the founding of the United States of America, as it certainly was pondered, if not strongly considered, by the founding fathers, long before its inclusion in the U.S. Constitution.

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Tips for a Balanced Family Budget

For a newly married couple or established family with children, keeping faithful to a workable budget is not an easy task. Here are some quick, simple tips for a balanced family budget.

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The Basics of Bankruptcy

Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “Uniform Laws on the Subject of Bankruptcies.” Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted the “Bankruptcy Code” – the uniform federal law that governs all bankruptcy cases. The Bankruptcy Code has been amended several times since its enactment in 1978.

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Bankruptcy 101 with Todd Cushner – WCWP Radio Interview

Todd Cushner was recently interviewed by radio personality Richard Solomon on his biweekly talk show Takin’ Care of Business on 88.1 FM WCWP – LIU Post Public Radio. In this very informative interview, Todd addresses a number of issues concerning personal and business bankruptcy in addition to foreclosure defense.

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