Do You Qualify For Bankruptcy?

When most people hear the word bankruptcy, they quickly assume that it pertains to people that have run out of money, simply can’t pay their bills or are drowning in debt and have no chance of recovery. In reality, there are many determining factors that the team at Todd Cushner and Associates use to assist clients who reach out to learn if declaring bankruptcy is the answer for them. Many people come with no prior knowledge of how this process works, or even if they qualify for it. What they do know is that they have reached a point where they have struggled with their finances for years and have decided that they can no longer sustain a life filled with endless doubt and worry.

Located in White Plains and surrounding areas, the experts at The Law Office of Todd Cushner and Associates take this process very seriously and work hard to make sure that their clients are treated with humility and self respect from start to finish. They take into account that during these challenging times, many people never dreamed they would be struggling to pay their bills and keep their family afloat no matter how hard they persevered to keep up or get ahead. It’s surely an emotional time filled with dread and uncertainty, which the team can help to remedy.

What separates our legal experts from others, is the time they take to not only educate our clients, but also how they use their deep and varied experience to explore every solution as they work to navigate which end result would work best in the long run. The firm offers an eleven point questionnaire that serves two purposes. Taking this crucial first step and honestly answering the questions enables people to gain a much better understanding of all of the factors that can lead to bankruptcy, while at the same time providing a lens into whether or not this is the best route to take when it comes to their own financial circumstances. The associates have found that if you answer yes to even three of the questions, you are most likely a candidate for bankruptcy and can help you to determine which chapter filing works the best for your individual circumstance.

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Questions include:
Are you drowning in credit card debt?
How much have you accumulated in unpaid taxes?
Do you have debt collectors hounding you day and night?
Are you draining what little savings you have to keep up with your bills?
Do you have any current lawsuits filed against you?
Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed about your finances every day?

What many people don’t understand is that there are many forms of bankruptcy that include Chapter 7, 13 and even Chapter 11 filings. Most common are Chapter 7 which wipes out your credit card debts and other items within a few months. Chapter 13 is lengthy and it involves your repaying your debts over several years. There are also a variety of bankruptcy laws that can be used to protect you and even your business which the legal experts and Todd Cushner and Associates are well versed in. By taking a close look at your current situation, the legal team does a serious deep dive into your lifestyle and uses what they discover to help you to identify and attain where you would ideally like it to be…free of debt and worry.

Speaking of worry, declaring bankruptcy can certainly bring on various emotions and a feeling of uncertainty. Since clients are treated with such a personal touch is the reason why many people come and consult with Todd Cushner and Associates in the first place. They have earned an outstanding reputation for not only their honesty, but also their ability to ensure that the same team stays with you from start to finish, all the way from your initial consultation through to your final court appearance. They can also provide a variety of resources for debt counseling so you don’t find yourself stuck in the same situation in the future.

If you have little to no cash reserves on hand, don’t know how you will pay your bills or provide for your family in the future, now is the time to put your pride aside and contact the office of Todd Cushner and Associates. Taking action and making the decision to declare bankruptcy is not just about handling your finances, it’s a way to truly gain new confidence and a fresh start on your life.

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