Mortgage Payments & Forbearance During COVID-19

At Todd Cushner & Associates, P.C., our team of bankruptcy litigation experts can help you climb out from unforeseen debt indirectly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although a majority of banks have recently provided a grace period for mortgage payments, that extra time may not been enough for many families in the White Plains area.

“Hi, I’m Todd Cushner with the bankruptcy firm of Cushner & Associates here in White Plains. At the outset of COVID-19, many families have chosen to put their mortgages on forbearance where you don’t have to pay a mortgage payment for three months. Most of the banks have graciously extended this period for an additional three months, for a total of six months of non-payment. The problem arises in month seven when most lenders will require the full payment of the unpaid six months. What will your family do if you don’t have that lump sum of money available? Well we have the answer here at Cushner & Associates, and it’s called the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This not only allows you to eliminate a significant portion of your credit card and other unsecured debts, but foremost it will allow you to pay back your mortgage lender over a period of 36-60 months. Let us show you how with a free consult with Cushner & Associates. Please call us at (914)600-5502 to set up your free consult today.”

Resolving Debt Issues One Client at a Time

The bankruptcy attorneys at Todd Cushner & Associates, P.C., work with our clients directly, providing each of them with the undivided attention they deserve. Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments on time? Contact us today for your free consultation so we can help you attain a financial clean slate.

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