What to Do About Your Credit

After filing for bankruptcy, rebuilding your credit is not as hard as most people believe.

“Hi, I’m Todd Cushner with the Law Office of Cushner & Associates in White Plains and I’m a bankruptcy attorney. People call me all the time and they say, “What do I do about my credit?” Well, I tell folks good credit and good economics don’t run a parallel course. But there is an answer. After a bankruptcy, people want to rebuild their credit and there are many ways to do it. One of them is to challenge the validity of negative information on your credit reports. The rumor is that credit repair doesn’t work, but in fact it works great if you take the time and the energy to write letters to your credit bureaus disputing the information that’s negative on your credit report, you’ll be amazed how much information comes off, and how fast you can rebuild your credit after a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you’d like more details on this, or if you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, I encourage you to give me a call at (914)600-5502, Law Office of Cushner & Associates.”

Rebuilding Your Credit and Achieving Financial Stability

At Todd Cushner & Associates, our bankruptcy litigation experts can help you rebuild your credit, navigating you on your way to firm fiscal footing. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can help get you started.

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