Filing for Bankruptcy

The American bankruptcy code was put into place centuries ago with the purpose of enabling people who are struggling in debt to have a chance to redeem themselves financially.

“Hi, I’m Todd Cushner with the Law Office of Cushner & Associates, and people ask me questions about bankruptcy all the time. It it legal? Of course it’s legal. It’s one of the oldest pieces of American jurisprudence we have on the books. Every civilized nation on this globe models their bankruptcy code after our bankruptcy code which we stole from the king’s bench in the Revolutionary War. So, if you think you are doing something wrong by filing for bankruptcy, you really are not. You are doing yourself a favor, and you are helping yourself through a government program, the bankruptcy code. I encourage you to find out more about it and see how it can help you get out of debt and get back on economic footing. (914)600-5502 Todd Cushner, the Law Office of Cushner & Associates.”

The Bankruptcy Code Exists for a Reason

For those of you fighting to get out from under your debts, the bankruptcy code was enacted for your benefit. Contact us to schedule a free consultation so we can help you take advantage of bankruptcy, navigating you toward financial stability.

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