Resolving Evictions During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on all of us and has made it difficult for many of us to pay mortgages or rent on time. Fortunately, the government has provided you with a way to stay in your place of residence, and our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.

“Hi, I’m Todd Cushner with the Law Office of Cushner & Associates in White Plains. I’m a bankruptcy attorney, and I help people get out of debt. I just got off the phone with somebody who got a phone call and a letter from a landlord telling them to vacate their property because they were going to be evicted. I have good news for everybody. There is a moratorium on foreclosures. There is a moratorium on evictions. It is going to run through January and my expectation is that it is going to continue until March. So, if you get a letter or a phone call like that I would like you to call me and I’ll resolve that problem for you, because the government has provided this timeframe for you to pull your finances together and stay in your home or stay in your apartment. If you are having problems with that. If you are having problems with your mortgages. If you are having problems with your landlord, I encourage you to give me a call at (914)600-5502 and let me show you how I can get you out of trouble.”

You Have Nothing to Fear

If you are in danger of being evicted from your place of residence, the bankruptcy lawyers at Todd Cushner & Associates can work with you to help keep you in your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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