Let’s Get You Out of Trouble

Anthony F, a friend and client of the Law Office of Todd Cushner & Associates, describes his positive experience in dealing with our firm.

Hi, I’m Todd Cushner with the Law Office of Todd Cushner & Associates here in White Plains. We help people get out of trouble, get out of debt, get out of situations that they don’t want to be in. I want to introduce you to my friend now, Anthony F who came here with some dilemmas which we got rid of for him and changed his situation dramatically.

Yes I’ve known Todd about 15 years, but I have to tell you, out of all the people I’ve met in this business, as far as integrity, as far as knowledge, and as far as real concern for the client. There’s a psalm in the bible that says “a shelter in the time of a storm”, and Todd is an example of that. The way that he shows his concern for the client and the client’s conditions, and how he meticulously handles every single item with humanity involved, with care involved, and with love involved. This man is more than just an attorney. He is an advocate for people who need protection and help in the time of a storm. He’s helped me and seen me through a multitude of situations in my life. And I know that God forbid I have to meet him again, he’s there. He is someone you can depend on, you can trust, and you can open yourself up to knowing that he is strictly confidential and that he has his attorney privileges in your best interest. This is one man that I would advise.

Advocating For Your Best Interests

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