Do You Qualify For Bankruptcy?

Like most things in life, debt is rarely black and white. As debt can result from a multitude of different factors and unique life events, there are also a variety of pathways to choose from to successfully get out of debt. And although your debt may seem overwhelming and insurmountable, the bankruptcy attorneys at Todd Cushner & Associates know that regaining financial stability is not an impossible feat. We have helped many individuals and families break through the burden of debt, navigating them toward financial freedom and peace of mind.

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice for Me?

While the decision to file for bankruptcy may seem daunting, the end result leaves many people wondering why they did not choose to do so sooner. In this video, we outline a variety of factors to consider when determining if filing for bankruptcy is the best option to relieve you of your debt. Our list of eleven points will provide you with good thinking points that should help simplify your decision-making process, aiding you in choosing whether or not to consider filing for bankruptcy.

Hi, I’m Todd Cushner and I’m a bankruptcy attorney. People often wonder whether or not they’re a candidate for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, or whether they even qualify for bankruptcy at all or should they file for bankruptcy. I have a list of eleven points. If you can answer three questions with an affirmative or a yes, then you should seriously consider filing for bankruptcy.

  • Number one, if you cannot afford to make your minimum payments on three or more credit cards.
  • Number two, bill collectors are calling or writing to you on a regular basis and you are avoiding them.
  • Three, your income has lowered over time, but your expenses have increased.
  • Four, your liabilities are greater than your assets and your income.
  • Five, you are borrowing money to pay for basic necessities.
  • Six, you are in debt due to charges incurred by an ex-spouse.
  • Seven, you have an unpaid tax liability for three years or more.
  • Eight, you are taking money from savings or retirement investments to pay for rent or mortgage payments. That’s a biggie.
  • Number nine, lawsuits or judgements are being filed against you.
  • Number ten, you have depleted or have no reserve money on hand.
  • And number eleven, the concerns over your debts are overwhelming your life.

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Are You a Candidate for Bankruptcy?

If three or more of the above statements are true in your life, we highly recommend considering filing for bankruptcy. At Todd Cushner & Associates, getting you out of debt is our top priority and our team of bankruptcy experts will be with you every step of the way.

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