The Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan: When and Why

For many, the thought of writing their Will is something they feel they can easily put off until tomorrow, while others delay due to the perceived complexity of where to begin. While living in these uncertain times, having a Will in place can actually provide a level of comfort, knowing that it allows for your loved ones to be provided for and will prevent them from having to work through untold legal issues should you pass without having one.

It’s important to work with trusted estate planning attorneys who are not only experts in this field, but also truly care about the well being of their clients and methodically detail their specific wishes for estate planning and asset protection.

Wills/Living Wills

In the event that you are incapacitated or die, a Will provides strict and legally binding terms to carry out your specific wishes. Without a Will, your family usually has no say and the state can then dictate how your funds will be distributed and your debts paid.


Another way to manage your money is through a trust. A trust is a legal entity under which one person, the “trustee,” holds legal title to property for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries). The trustee must follow the rules provided in the trust instrument.

Probate/Estate Litigation

If someone dies without a Will, the property in their names in most cases will be distributed among family members, and often not exactly the way the person would prefer, which can cause legal disputes.

Take a moment to visit our services to view the many areas of estate planning and gain a clear understanding of what can at first seem like a daunting task. Now is the time to get your affairs in order so that your family and loved ones can be protected and remain debt free.

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