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Do You Qualify For Bankruptcy?

When most people hear the word bankruptcy, they quickly assume that it pertains to people that have run out of money, simply can’t pay their bills or are drowning in debt and have no chance of recovery. In reality, there are many determining factors that the team at Todd Cushner and Associates use to assist clients who reach out to learn if declaring bankruptcy is the answer for them. Many people come with no prior knowledge of how this process works, or even if they qualify for it. What they do know is that they have reached a point where they have struggled with their finances for years and have decided that they can no longer sustain a life filled with endless doubt and worry.

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Getting Out of Debt Through Loan Modification

Sometimes, as a result of circumstances beyond your control, you could find yourself immersed in debt and have no idea where to begin or how to resolve your situation. Rather than letting your debt continue to spiral, it’s time to consult with Todd Cushner and Associates located in White Plains and surrounding areas.

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What We Can Help You With at Todd Cushner & Associates

Life can quickly pass us by before we realize that our finances are in deep trouble and we haven’t taken the steps to protect our future or our finances. When that worry turns to fear, it’s time to work with attorneys who have our best interests at heart and are truly committed to using their financial and legal knowledge to work towards the best possible outcome.

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The Bankruptcy Process

Declaring bankruptcy is usually the last thing that a person wants to do, but when facing deep debt, it is sometimes the only route left that a person can take. The key factor in determining future financial success is working with a trusted legal expert who can personally guide you each step of the way, which is what The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates do.

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The Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan: When and Why

For many, the thought of writing their Will is something they feel they can easily put off until tomorrow, while others delay due to the perceived complexity of where to begin. While living in these uncertain times, having a Will in place can actually provide a level of comfort, knowing that it allows for your loved ones to be provided for and will prevent them from having to work through untold legal issues should you pass without having one.

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Inherited Debts and Estate Planning: Managing Financial Legacies

We’ve all heard the stories of families who suddenly find themselves struggling with not only grief, but also crippling debt when a loved one passes away without having a will. Open communication and estate planning with an experienced law team is a great way to ensure that you are protected and they can help you navigate the endless steps that need to be taken in the event you find yourself in this type of difficult situation. Continue reading »


How Bankruptcy Can Protect Small Business Owners from Devastation

While small businesses remain the backbone of our country, many are still feeling the effects of rising costs, supply chain issues and other workplace challenges. While some have succeeded as successful entrepreneurs, unfortunately other owners are having to make the difficult decision to declare bankruptcy before finding themselves sinking further into financial ruin. What most small business owners don’t understand is that before accumulating even more overwhelming debt, there is sometimes a way to save their business and avoid ending up with their life and finances in shambles. Continue reading »


The Importance of Experienced Legal Counsel in Litigation Cases

Today, businesses face a myriad of challenges both internally and externally. What’s crucial when finding your company struggling with any type of litigation is to have an experienced firm on your side. Too often local laws can conflict with state laws, so it’s important to have lawyers who have a broad and far-reaching understanding of the court system. Continue reading »

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