The Bankruptcy Process

Declaring bankruptcy is usually the last thing that a person wants to do, but when facing deep debt, it is sometimes the only route left that a person can take. The key factor in determining future financial success is working with a trusted legal expert who can personally guide you each step of the way, which is what The Law Offices of Todd Cushner & Associates do.

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Located in the White Plains area, we are known for our thoroughness in helping each client. The first step is to review a detailed questionnaire that covers the person’s current state of debt. If even a few questions come back with a yes answer, it’s usually a pretty high indication that bankruptcy is the best route to take to address a dire financial situation.

The next step is an in-depth review of the person’s financial situation including credit card bills, back taxes that are owed and even any outstanding lawsuits. Once the client agrees that bankruptcy is the best solution to reset and gain control of their finances, our team works to decide what type of bankruptcy should be filed. The Law Offices of Cushner and Associates are filled with experienced experts who are well acquainted with the many legal issues that can arise during a declaration of bankruptcy and the various stipulations that need to be addressed in order to satisfy the court. We can even offer resources for debt counseling which is sometimes required depending on the type of bankruptcy a person is declaring.

Throughout the process, The Law Offices of Cushner and Associates take care to treat their clients with the utmost respect and dignity, since many are going through some of the most challenging times in their lives. While some people look at their bankruptcy with shame, the team helps to remind them that better days do lie ahead and that a fresh financial start can be just around the corner.

Contact us today to get started on making this all important decision.

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