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Bankruptcy 101 – Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy is a smart choice for business owners struggling with debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides businesses with a fresh financial start, enabling them to restructure their debts and assets while continuing operations. At Todd Cushner & Associates, our bankruptcy litigation experts have helped numerous businesses throughout White Plains file for chapter 11 bankruptcy, achieving the results they deserve.

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How Do I Get Out of Debt?

If you are struggling in debt, this question most likely scrolls through your mind daily. At Todd Cushner & Associates, our team of bankruptcy litigation experts can help clear your debts, relieving you of the burden and stresses debt causes.

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Don’t Be Afraid to File for Bankruptcy

When struggling in debt, many people are hesitant to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has falsely earned a negative connotation primarily due to its representation in the media. Our bankruptcy litigation experts can assure you that filing for bankruptcy is nothing to fear. On the contrary, filing for bankruptcy is often the easiest way to clear your debts and achieve financial stability.

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Commercial Litigation Expertise

At Todd Cushner & Associates, our team of licensed attorneys has helped businesses of all sizes successfully deal with various legal matters. Whether you are part of a family business, a partnership, or a privately held corporation, our highly experienced lawyers are here for you.

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Bankruptcy 101 – Bankruptcy Terminology

When filing for bankruptcy, several noteworthy terms often come up. This article will provide you with definitions of those terms and some helpful correlating information.

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A Fresh Financial Start for the New Year

Making a New Year’s resolution to clear your debts for a fresh financial start can be a resolution you will actually be able to keep. With help from the bankruptcy litigation experts at Todd Cushner & Associates, you can achieve financial well-being and put an end to your debt struggles.

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Happy New Year From Todd Cushner & Associates

On behalf of the entire team at Todd Cushner & Associates,

Happy New Year!

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Bankruptcy 101 – Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Successfully filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides those struggling in debt with a helping hand to reattain firm financial footing. In addition, Chapter 13 bankruptcy puts an end to creditor harassment, giving you the extra time necessary to pay off your debts without sacrificing the money you need to live comfortably.

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Happy Holidays From Todd Cushner & Associates

From the whole team at Todd Cushner & Associates,

Happy Holidays!

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How Can White Plains Residents Clear Their Debts?

As bankruptcy attorneys, our team encounters White Plains residents struggling with debt daily. The good news is that we are capable of helping them clear that debt through bankruptcy.

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