Get Out of Debt

Unfortunately, there are plenty of credit card companies and mortgage lenders that do not have your best interests at heart. At Todd Cushner & Associates, we can help you sort out these widespread issues, enabling you to clear your debts for a fresh financial start.

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Overcoming Credit Card Debt

Falling into credit card debt can definitely be stressful, however there is no need for you to panic. Even if you owe large sums of money to creditors, there are proven legal methods to relieve you of your credit card debt. As a New York resident, one of the first things you can do is check to see where your credit card payments are being requested from. Many creditors take advantage of people by having their payments sent to locations like Wilmington, Delaware and Macon, Georgia where interest rates are inflated to nearly 30%. In New York, you should not be forced to pay any more than a 15% interest rate on your credit card debt. At Todd Cushner & Associates, we can work with you to end creditor harassment while helping to ensure you are paying no more than is absolutely necessary. And after successfully filing for bankruptcy, we can help you clear unsecured debts including credit card debt, providing you with a clean slate to begin rebuilding your credit score.

Hi, I’m bankruptcy attorney Todd Cushner. And I’m sick of wearing a mask, I’m sick of COVID-19, I’m sick of the political system. But what really ticks me off are unscrupulous credit card companies and predatory mortgage lenders. If you have been a victim of either of these things, I encourage you to call my office and figure out a way to get out of that debt. If you ever wondered why you made your payments to Wilmington, Delaware or Macon, Georgia for your credit cards, that’s because those states allow for usurious interest rates up to 29% when the going rate here in the State of New York is 15% at the maximum. So, you are really being ripped off on a daily basis with your credit card debt. And if you are overwhelmed due to COVID, due to other events in your life, and you are feeling the pressure of debt collectors calling you on a regular basis, I encourage you to contact me at (914)600-5502 for a free consult and let us show you how we can get you quickly and affordably out of debt.

Stop Struggling With Debt

There is no need for you to continue struggling under the heavy burden of debt. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can help you regain financial stability.

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